Prunes at bacon.

Oh, this is really unique, very, very tasty snack.
Can say this is something admirable. And very easy to cook.

For those who don't know what prunes is it.
The prunes is dried plums without pips.
By the way, very tasty stuff!

So, you have to take prunes, one by one, and roll at finely cut piece of bacon.
Usually you can but such already prepared bacon at the supermarket.
Get a wooden toothpicks and transfix every roll with.
Put into the oven, with max temperature. Better if you have a grill.
As soon the bacon get brown put out from oven directly to table.
It take me usually about 10 minutes in oven only.

Great for family feast as well for some party. Try it!

Merry Christmas!

My dear friends! Christmas is here and knock in to doors. I wish you great mood, love, and just good luck in all your everyday business! And yes, stay in touch! Merry Christmas!

Mild cured salmon.

I'm love mild-cured (low salted) salmon. However, it cost very well money.
So, what we can do? Right! Do it yourself!
Yes, home made mild cured salmon.
Very delicious and much cheaper than from any shop.

For 500 gram of fresh salmon filet we need only 2 teaspoons of salt,
half teaspoon of sugar, black ground pepper and white ground pepper,
1 bay leaf, and vegetable oil.

Take some long deep dish or plate and put into this your salmon
rubbed with mix of salt and all spices.
Your one bay leaf just slice to some small pieces, it must be distributed
evenly. Cover the dish with plastic film.

The first day rest the dish with salmon just in the kitchen, without any cold.
At the second day put the dish to refrigerator.
At the third day slice filet to thin slices, put in the
glass and fill in vegetable oil. That's all. The salmon is ready!

I prefer make a small sandwiches from white bread, butter and salmon above.
Very yummy.

Ugh, I write all it and want it again! Mouth water! Need to make it! :)

Must say I'm very happy I can do it, not because it save me a lot
money but because it really yummy.

Pizza that is not pizza

I do not understand why pizza is called the Italian national dish.
Perhaps the word pizza is Italian but the idea (the main is idea, yeah?) put on flat cake all you have now I believe belongs to all people rather than Italians only. I promise I do research about it.

So here is non-Italian pizza from me.

500 grams of flour
250 ml of water
3 tablespoons of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon full of sugar
1 package dry yeast (read on the package on how much flour you need for your package)

I like to add different spices in the dough, I means marjoram, oregano, basil, dried garlic, dried onions, sage and a little curry powder for color.

Make a dough and leave it to rise in warm place about 1.5 hours. I do all this (mixing and raising) in my home bread-making machine (nice and very useful appliance, by the way!).

After one hour and a half ....

Grease baking tray with vegetable oil and put the dough evenly distributed. From the top your dough should be lubricated also.

Bake in a heated up to 250C oven until golden crust.

As the dough become ready grease cake with sauce.

Here is my sauce: ketchup, tomato paste, mayonnaise, black pepper.

You can put on cake all what you want and what you have. I'm personally just open the refrigerator and look what I have.

Today my refrigerator contain:

Very well! I'm slice all to small pieces, because I want have all on every piece.

Put all ingredients except cheese on the sauce and put back in oven until it take a heat. Better turn in the grill mode if you have it.

After sprinkle the cheese and put back into the oven until cheese become melt.

This recipe maybe long for read but really is very simple. Just do everything step by step.

As result you will have very delicious pizza. Dough will be soft but with crispy crust.
The fact that we have added a mayonnaise sauce filling will be very juicy.

This pizza is nice when cold too, so you can bring it to some outdoor activities or long walks.

Try to cook this pizza by my recipe and you never again will buy frozen one from supermarket.

Crab balls

250 gram crab meat or crab sticks
2 boiled eggs
200 gram soft cheese
2 garlic cloves

I want to share with you this recipe that enjoy all my family (and I clear too!). This dish look great, and maybe on any table, holidays or party.

Important notice. You have to rest about 50 gram of crab meat,
it will be used after all.

So, grate all components and mix it in homogeneous mass.
Your remained 50 gram crab meat have to be grate but not mix with other.
Make a small balls and roll in your remained crab meat.
That's all!

I think this is very tasty and nourishing snack although
I make usually about 10 balls.
For us that enough!

Also, sometimes I do not make a balls at all and use resulted mass
for smear of chips or bread.

Canape with a liver of a cod.

This dish is also delightful snack for parties.

2 eggs
1/2 small onions
1 small marinaded cucumber
100 gram of cod liver

All components to crush and mix well, add salt and black pepper.
Spread out the the resulted mix to a canape and decorate it with lemon slices.

Your visitors will be in admiration!

Air cake for a breakfast.

1.5 glass of yoghurt or sour milk.
1 egg
3 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
0.5 teaspoon of salt
0.5 teaspoon of soda
flour, approximately 2-3 glasses (this approximate quantity of a flour.
If the dough sticks to hands add more flour).
You cat add a bag of vanilla sugar too, if you like.

Make the soft dough (be careful, your dough have not to stick to
hands). As soon you make your dough, rest it covered for 20 minutes.
Now you have to forming a small cake any form. Fry it, both sides,
with vegetable oil.
After cakes become ready strew it with powdered sugar.

You may make these cakes very quickly, and especially children very
like these cakes.

Champignons baked with cheese.

3 large onions finely cut and fry with small amount of oil in wok.
500 gr. champignons also cut and fry. Mushrooms mixed with onions, add 200 g of melted cheese, a little cream, salt and black pepper. Carefully mix it, the cheese have to be everywhere.
Put this mix to fireproof bowls, one bowl for one portion. Anoint the top (from inside) of every bowl with mayonnaise. You can also sprinkle with grated hard cheese. Put to oven preheated to 200 C. for 10 - 15 min.

The top of every bowl formed to beautiful, high-colored crust.

This is a very delicious holiday dish.

Serve these baked mushrooms with white
wine and fresh white bread. Your family will be delighted.

Soft apple cookies.

I want to share with all you this recipe that my family enjoy a lot. I call it as soft apple cookies but it more muffin seem. No matter how it is named, I like the results! :)

So, need to take

55 grams butter or margarine
0.5 cups of sugar
0.5 cups of brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1.5 cups of sift(!!!) flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
0.5 teaspoon of soda
0.25 teaspoon of salt
3 tablespoons of sour cream
0.5 cups of raisins (optional)
1 cup with sliced to cubes unpeeled sour-sweet apples

Heat your oven to 190 C. Shake up softening butter with sugar, add egg, vanilla and mix it well.
Use another bowl and mix together flour, soda, salt and baking powder.

Now pour your flour mix into egg-and-butter mix, but not all at one time. Here need to do step by step. First, pour small part of flour mix into egg-and-butter mix, next add a bit of sour cream, next again add flour mix. Do such way until you get all your sour cream and flour mix together with egg-and-butter mix.

The last step of preparing is carefully put apple pieces and raisins to your resulting mix.

Take the oven tray and spread your mix use teaspoon or ice cream spoon, but with more than average distance from each other because your cookies crawl away and run to fat :)

Bake your cookies 12-15 minutes, after put on the grid for cooling.

The amount of ingredients here I tell you for 36 cookies.

Sweet shortcake.

Now I tell you my favorite receipt for shortcakes.

So, you need to take a 3 eggs and each separate with white and yolks.
Ok, add to yolks 3/4 of table spoon of sugar and beat up it a bit.
Take a 150 gram of butter or margarine, melt it, add to yolks.
Add 2-3 table spoons of sour.

Very well. Carefully add to our yolks mix a flour with permanently
stirring until it become elastic dough. I'm use approx. 400 gram of flour.

Next step - put this mass to baking tray evenly use your hands.
Baking tray have to be smear with oil before.
Don't forget nuzzle with fork, for preventing swelling.

Ok. Put on dough thin sliced apples and put tray to the heated oven for 15 minutes.

You can use any fruits instead of apples, just better if it will be slightly sour.
I think with cherry it would be great the most!

Return to whites. Beat it up together with sugar (half table spoon)
and vanilla sugar. Take the tray from oven, smear, and put the tray back.

Just after whites become swell and bake, get the tray out from oven.
Rest it cooling as is, after cut into pieces and call the family for eat :)

It taste great, just take care about dough that have not be
very dry because will be harsh.

Great if you able put it to refrigerator for coupe hours,
shortcake become just delicious :)


Austrian apple strudel.

My friend from Austria teach me Austrian classic recipe, the apple roll called strudel. Really very tasty and easy to make dessert.

For the dough.
300 gram of flour
125 ml of warm water
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1 egg
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
a pinch of salt
1 tablespoon full of sugar

For the filling:
7 apples
3 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons dried crust
0.5 cups of raisins
50 ml rum or brandy
cinnamon powder to taste

First, make the filling because we have to use it cooled.

Take the apples, clean it, and slice into cubes.
Take a raisins, pour rum or brandy and put for 30 seconds to the microwave.
In a deep pan melt down 1 tablespoon butter, add apples, sugar,
raisins with cognac, sprinkle with cinnamon.
Put the pan to strong fire for 5 minutes, and stir it a little.
At the end, add dried crust and leave it cooling.

The dried crust necessary for the absorption excess fluid that will be come from apples. Such way our dough not soak and we will have it crisped!

Now make the dough.
All products for the dough mix in the processors or by hands.
The dough should be soft and elastic.

Okay. Now divide the dough into two parts and use rolling pin to get dough flat.
We have to have two thin rectangles.

Carefully shift the dough parts, one by one, to clean towel,
carefully distributed the stuffing and use towels for making the rolls.

Well. The time for bake. Move both rolls to the baking tray, put to oven,
and bake with 200 C degree heat about 40-45 minutes.

After rolls become ready, sprinkle it with powdered sugar.

Guten Appetit! :)

Yogurt cake.

This extremely simple recipe, but tasty, cool and unusual. However, what is words? Just try it! :)

Buy 3 or more different kind of fruit yogurt. Keep in minds, the yogurt's colors will be beside each other.

Dissolve gelatin in small amounts of water.

Take some form or bowl or tureen that will be enough for all your yogurts and gelatin. Cover it from inside by foil.

Mix dissolved gelatin with one yogurt and put into your form/bowl.
Put your form/bowl to refrigerator.

As soon the content is set put use same principle next layer, and next, and next :)

How to serve it? Easy! Just before turn the form on the platter and remove foil! :)

The proportions is difficult to describe because exist many kind of gelatin. Just read the package instruction for a the amount of water you need to have.

Here is my example for one layer:
20 gram of gelatin
80 gram of water
400 gram of fruit yogurt

Enjoy! And I'm really interested in your mind about it!

Ragout in the pot.

A simple, nourishing, rural recipe.

Here is ingredients for one portion.

1 onion finely; cut and fry.
200 gram of any meat (pork, beef, chicken) cut into cubes about 2 cm;
fry it fast; in case you have different types of meat it will be better.
2-3 potatoes cut to chunks like you do it with meat.

Mix all it, add salt, black pepper, coriander, marjoram, garlic, a little red wine.

Put in pot (one pot is one portion) and bake in the oven 40-60 minutes at 180-200 C degree. Serve directly into the pot.

Such ragout should like everyone who appreciate nourishing meals.
You can replace the potatoes to zucchini for low calories :)

Fried chicken under pressure

This recipe is some unusual but results exceed all expectations. Before you decide to try it you have to be prepared :) I means, it will be good portion if chicken, before all! :)

But this is not all. You must find something heavy that will be your press. I'm use 5 liter (yes, five!) glass bottle from wine I bought once. You might see one in supermarket or wine shop, usually with italian wine.

Your chicken must be small, no more 1 kg weight.

Now I tell you how I do it.

Take your chicken, draw it if need, to slit along the breast and unfold it.

Also need to flatten a bit your chicken use mallet.

Now you may spice the chicken rub it with salt and black pepper, a bit chilli and coriander. Don't forget rub both sides!

Just before you begin rub your chicken begin heat the pan you will use for. Add a bit oil, chicken will need it :)

Now become critical point. Your chicken have to be under press, so take a flat wooden desk or some dish or plate, and place the weight you prepare for it above. It maybe even stone, really, why not? The weight press the chicken close to pan, this is important.

Fry it on moderate heat, both sides, it take me about 15 minutes for one side, so total it will be half hour.

In the end sprinkle your chicken finely chopped garlic.

The result. Oh... just great! The chicken was very delicious, juicy, and nobody will be indifferent to smell! It also looking nice and even festive.

Must say the process also was for me cool and fun :)

Bavarian liver

This dish I taste in small rustic restaurant in the Czech Republic.
Yes, Czech republic, not Germany :) Czech republic located at the center of old Europe and border with Germany, Austria and few other countries. Seem roots of some dishes from Czech and Germany (and Austria) are the same.

The dish really enough simple but I like the idea "liver on toast". And the taste, clear. So this dish is one from favorites for all my family.

The amount of products here for one portion. Now how with it.

Take a slice of bread (that restaurant serve it with dark bread), fry on all sides use butter.

Take chicken liver approximately 150-200 gram, use salt and black pepper as you like, add a little bit caraway and a little sugar.

Now roll the liver in potato starch and quickly fry it use pan with a little bit oil and maximum heat.

As soon as the liver become ready (it will be very quickly, be carefully!) add fried onion (one middle size onion enough), 50 ml red wine, close the pan and turn out heat to minimum.

After 5 minutes put the liver to toast. Serve with beer - remember,
this is Bavarian liver :)

Please keep in minds, it's very important, the liver you will fry become
ready very quickly. If you fry it more it will be hard and not taste at all.

For me the time for frying of liver is 5 minutes, frying liver with onion
- another 5 minutes. The toasts fry quickly, and how long need to fry onion I hope you know :)


As everyone know the mayonnaise is french sauce very popular in the world.
Many types of mayonnaise from different manufacturers are sold in every store / supermarket.

Use errors correction method I find the recipe create home made mayonnaise that like my family much more than mayonnaise from supermarket.

Here is it:

1) Step 1: 1 chicken egg beat up use mixer with 1 teaspoon of sugar to the state of thick foam.
2) Step 2: now trickle the vegetable oil, about 350 gram, and don't stop mix it. You have to have equable thick pulp.
3) Step 3: add the spices: salt 1/4 teaspoon, vinegar 1 tablespoon, mustard 1 teaspoon, black pepper.

Spices you have to as you like, it's depend on your desires. Also at the end you can add finely sliced marinaded cucumber, onion, dried garlic or curry powder.

This mayonnaise you can use with any dishes like vegetables, meat, salads or just sandwiches.

Duck in honey and soya sauce

Return to chickens, ducks and turkeys. I want to share with you beloved duck and cabbage dish.

Duck put in a stew pan and fill out with sauce from red wine, 200 ml, soy sauce 80 ml, honey 100 ml, water 150 ml.

Rest it begin to boil and simmer about 1.5 hours with low heat. You have to flip few times your duck up to beauty cream-colored condition.

At next step remove the duck and put into rested sauce the cabbage. I usually prepare the cabbage such way: make 50/50 mix from fresh sliced cabbage and marinaded cabbage. If you don't have marinaded cabbage take fresh. The total cabbage weight is around 1 kg.

Ok. Rest the cabbage to stew about 1 hour with salt and sugar as you like.

When duck become not so hot separate meat from bones and slice it to thin pieces. Take care when you slice it, you have to every piece be from meat, fat and skin.

Serve pre-heated duck with cabbage and sauce from pan.

Especially for people that love duck prepared this way. You may make nice sauce for your duck by take your home black currant jam, mix it with small amount of sauce left over duck, Worcester's sauce and starch. You have to have resulting consistence like liquid jelly.

Maybe it sound hard for make this dish but really it is not so hard. If you will courage for this dish, you and your family sure enjoy this delicious duck and will ask you make it again.

I'm personally make this dish for our family holidays.

Don't hesitate tell me how you are with this dish, OK?

Crab cocktail

Well... I tell you enough unusual specialty, with great taste, great looking and from unusual components. I'm call it crab cocktail because love crab the most.

Stage 1.
Take one middle size onion, slice to semicircle, rinse under cold water and pour with 1/2 lemon juice.

Stage 2.
Take 2 eggs, 2 table spoons of flour, a little bit salt and sugar, basil, oregano, dried green onions. Mix it carefully, you have to make dough. Bake from your dough 2-3 flat cakes. Slice all it to thin strips.

Stage 3.
Take the crab meat 250 gram, 2 pickled marinaded cucumbers, a little canned pineapple slice to thin straw. Add onion and sliced cakes. Mix it.

Stage 4 - final step
Take large color glasses and put your mix into, dress with small amount of of mayonnaise.

Don't be scary this long description because you can do it very quickly and all stages is easy and simple.

The result is really delicious ad looking great. Last time I use it for my party and it was cool!

Stuffed paprika

Frankly, this is one the most beloved dishes I know... I like it so much!

Here is way how I do it.

Take paprika as much as you need, cut off the stem, get out the seeds but do it carefully, paprika have to be remained untouched and without extra holes.

The meat stuffing I use for filling prepared from half pound of minced meat, say 100 gram of rice already boiled up to half-ready), chop fine 2-3 onions, and mix all with salt and black pepper as you like.

Put your paprika in baked trail and bake it approximate one hour with average heat. After some half hour pour with milk cream or yogurt.

The same way you can use for cook paprika in tomato sauce.

Just pour not yogurt but tomato sauce that I usually prepare such way:
1 rubbed carrot mix with 3 table spoons of tomato paste and with 3 table spoons of ketchup. Add water until it become fluid like yogurt milk.

Really I enjoy both ways, and hard to say what way I like the most. And the most stuff you have to care is fully ready rice.