Yogurt cake.

This extremely simple recipe, but tasty, cool and unusual. However, what is words? Just try it! :)

Buy 3 or more different kind of fruit yogurt. Keep in minds, the yogurt's colors will be beside each other.

Dissolve gelatin in small amounts of water.

Take some form or bowl or tureen that will be enough for all your yogurts and gelatin. Cover it from inside by foil.

Mix dissolved gelatin with one yogurt and put into your form/bowl.
Put your form/bowl to refrigerator.

As soon the content is set put use same principle next layer, and next, and next :)

How to serve it? Easy! Just before turn the form on the platter and remove foil! :)

The proportions is difficult to describe because exist many kind of gelatin. Just read the package instruction for a the amount of water you need to have.

Here is my example for one layer:
20 gram of gelatin
80 gram of water
400 gram of fruit yogurt

Enjoy! And I'm really interested in your mind about it!