Shrimps salad.

This simple salad I made for the new year. But as all probably know during the winter (Christmas) holidays a lot of events, impressions and
delicious food. And I just forgot about this salad...
Today I was looking through the New Year pictures and saw him.

And so the recipe!
Shrimp fry quickly in olive oil with garlic, sprinkle with lemon juice. Breaking lettuce, cut (small) bit of onion and peaches.
Stir shrimp, lettuce, onions, peaches, add a little black and white ground pepper and mayonnaise.

It is really delicious and easy salad!
A recipe for mayonnaise I gave somewhere here!


Salad for every day.

Now the summer, and in summer especially we want to feel the closeness with
nature. In summer you can buy a lot of fresh vegetables.

I make every day for my family fresh salad, and always try to make it not only
delicious but also beautiful by look.
The salad's photo, which I made today. In my opinion, it's beautiful.
All ingredients are visible on the photo and do not require
description. Above all, do not forget to water the lettuce with olive oil!

And another secret: sprinkle tomatoes with sugar, a little bit!
Do not be afraid, few grains of sugar will not hit your figure!
But it make a salad much tastier.

Olives and cheese.

The cut cheese to slices similar of the size of olives. Mix olives and cheese, add crushed garlic and pour it all with olive oil. \
After 2-3 days it's ready and you can eat. Absolutely easy and very tasty. And I sure much more useful than usual chips! Try it!

Salmon in cream sauce.

When you make a salmon last time? Maybe now is time to make a some salmon dish?
What's about this one?

Here all the ingredients are for one portion. For children just take half of it.

One middle size onion need to cut in small cubes and fry in butter.
Next, take about 200 gram of salon fillet, cut to not large pieces and
fry a bit along with onion. After add 2 tablespoons of white wine.
Now make a very little fire. Add 50 gram of soft cheese and 50 ml of cream.
Clear, as always add salt, black pepper and white pepper as you like.
As soon the sauce begins to thicken you're done.

Serve your salmon with rice, and you will wonder how quick it will be eaten.

Mozzarella with tomatoes.

This is very tasty and easy to prepare appetizer.

Usually I cut for it 1 small onion, pour on lemon juice and add a little bit of sugar.

The tomatoes and mozzarella cut to slices, put on the plate alternating slices
of tomatoes and mozzarella. Put your onion above, add salt, pepper, and pour with olive oil.

I think this is just brilliant dish that is very tasty, great for any table and had
wonderful look. Try it and I sure you like it as well as I and my family!

Chicken with bacon rolls and peaches.

I had my birthday recently. And for this holiday I has invented
a new dish, really very tasty.
You take a chicken breast and cut it into thin long slices. Add salt and pepper.
Each piece of the breast put on a thin piece of bacon and put on top a piece of canned peach. Next, make a roll from it.
Thus prepared rolls puts in the form and fill with white wine.
Bake in hot 200 grade oven for 25-30 minutes.
By the way, such rolls can be cooked at the previous day and just before guests arrive put them in the oven. A very delicious, juicy and not usual. All my guests were so delighted of it!

The cream in small pots.

Just want to share with you this recipe of nice soft cream that love all child who taste it.

For 4 dose (I use 125 ml pots) you need to take

410 ml of milk
3 yolks of egg
1 egg
1 vanilla pod
60 gram of sugar
20 gram of vanilla sugar

Before all you have to heat your oven up to 140 C degrees.

Take a milk, add vanilla sugar and boil it.
Mix egg yolks with sugar and eggs, you have to have the mass a beige color.
Continuing to beat it, pour into it the hot milk use some small strainer.
Take care, you will have a lot of foam; mix it use spoon until foam get down mainly.
Okay, now put this mix to your pots that you have to place to
some deep baking tray full of hot water.
Water should reach the mid-line of pots.
Put the tray to hot oven for 30-40 minutes. After rest it for cool and
put over night to the refrigerator.

The result is very tasty and tender cream. It's just yummy!