Prunes at bacon.

Oh, this is really unique, very, very tasty snack.
Can say this is something admirable. And very easy to cook.

For those who don't know what prunes is it.
The prunes is dried plums without pips.
By the way, very tasty stuff!

So, you have to take prunes, one by one, and roll at finely cut piece of bacon.
Usually you can but such already prepared bacon at the supermarket.
Get a wooden toothpicks and transfix every roll with.
Put into the oven, with max temperature. Better if you have a grill.
As soon the bacon get brown put out from oven directly to table.
It take me usually about 10 minutes in oven only.

Great for family feast as well for some party. Try it!

Merry Christmas!

My dear friends! Christmas is here and knock in to doors. I wish you great mood, love, and just good luck in all your everyday business! And yes, stay in touch! Merry Christmas!

Mild cured salmon.

I'm love mild-cured (low salted) salmon. However, it cost very well money.
So, what we can do? Right! Do it yourself!
Yes, home made mild cured salmon.
Very delicious and much cheaper than from any shop.

For 500 gram of fresh salmon filet we need only 2 teaspoons of salt,
half teaspoon of sugar, black ground pepper and white ground pepper,
1 bay leaf, and vegetable oil.

Take some long deep dish or plate and put into this your salmon
rubbed with mix of salt and all spices.
Your one bay leaf just slice to some small pieces, it must be distributed
evenly. Cover the dish with plastic film.

The first day rest the dish with salmon just in the kitchen, without any cold.
At the second day put the dish to refrigerator.
At the third day slice filet to thin slices, put in the
glass and fill in vegetable oil. That's all. The salmon is ready!

I prefer make a small sandwiches from white bread, butter and salmon above.
Very yummy.

Ugh, I write all it and want it again! Mouth water! Need to make it! :)

Must say I'm very happy I can do it, not because it save me a lot
money but because it really yummy.

Pizza that is not pizza

I do not understand why pizza is called the Italian national dish.
Perhaps the word pizza is Italian but the idea (the main is idea, yeah?) put on flat cake all you have now I believe belongs to all people rather than Italians only. I promise I do research about it.

So here is non-Italian pizza from me.

500 grams of flour
250 ml of water
3 tablespoons of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon full of sugar
1 package dry yeast (read on the package on how much flour you need for your package)

I like to add different spices in the dough, I means marjoram, oregano, basil, dried garlic, dried onions, sage and a little curry powder for color.

Make a dough and leave it to rise in warm place about 1.5 hours. I do all this (mixing and raising) in my home bread-making machine (nice and very useful appliance, by the way!).

After one hour and a half ....

Grease baking tray with vegetable oil and put the dough evenly distributed. From the top your dough should be lubricated also.

Bake in a heated up to 250C oven until golden crust.

As the dough become ready grease cake with sauce.

Here is my sauce: ketchup, tomato paste, mayonnaise, black pepper.

You can put on cake all what you want and what you have. I'm personally just open the refrigerator and look what I have.

Today my refrigerator contain:

Very well! I'm slice all to small pieces, because I want have all on every piece.

Put all ingredients except cheese on the sauce and put back in oven until it take a heat. Better turn in the grill mode if you have it.

After sprinkle the cheese and put back into the oven until cheese become melt.

This recipe maybe long for read but really is very simple. Just do everything step by step.

As result you will have very delicious pizza. Dough will be soft but with crispy crust.
The fact that we have added a mayonnaise sauce filling will be very juicy.

This pizza is nice when cold too, so you can bring it to some outdoor activities or long walks.

Try to cook this pizza by my recipe and you never again will buy frozen one from supermarket.