Prunes at bacon.

Oh, this is really unique, very, very tasty snack.
Can say this is something admirable. And very easy to cook.

For those who don't know what prunes is it.
The prunes is dried plums without pips.
By the way, very tasty stuff!

So, you have to take prunes, one by one, and roll at finely cut piece of bacon.
Usually you can but such already prepared bacon at the supermarket.
Get a wooden toothpicks and transfix every roll with.
Put into the oven, with max temperature. Better if you have a grill.
As soon the bacon get brown put out from oven directly to table.
It take me usually about 10 minutes in oven only.

Great for family feast as well for some party. Try it!


meeso said...

It's amazing how tasty something becomes when rolled in bacon :)

Alena said...

It sound yummy! I know my close friend make something like it, and I hope she will make it at this New Year :)
Happy New Year for you and all your family!