Mild cured salmon.

I'm love mild-cured (low salted) salmon. However, it cost very well money.
So, what we can do? Right! Do it yourself!
Yes, home made mild cured salmon.
Very delicious and much cheaper than from any shop.

For 500 gram of fresh salmon filet we need only 2 teaspoons of salt,
half teaspoon of sugar, black ground pepper and white ground pepper,
1 bay leaf, and vegetable oil.

Take some long deep dish or plate and put into this your salmon
rubbed with mix of salt and all spices.
Your one bay leaf just slice to some small pieces, it must be distributed
evenly. Cover the dish with plastic film.

The first day rest the dish with salmon just in the kitchen, without any cold.
At the second day put the dish to refrigerator.
At the third day slice filet to thin slices, put in the
glass and fill in vegetable oil. That's all. The salmon is ready!

I prefer make a small sandwiches from white bread, butter and salmon above.
Very yummy.

Ugh, I write all it and want it again! Mouth water! Need to make it! :)

Must say I'm very happy I can do it, not because it save me a lot
money but because it really yummy.