Duck in honey and soya sauce

Return to chickens, ducks and turkeys. I want to share with you beloved duck and cabbage dish.

Duck put in a stew pan and fill out with sauce from red wine, 200 ml, soy sauce 80 ml, honey 100 ml, water 150 ml.

Rest it begin to boil and simmer about 1.5 hours with low heat. You have to flip few times your duck up to beauty cream-colored condition.

At next step remove the duck and put into rested sauce the cabbage. I usually prepare the cabbage such way: make 50/50 mix from fresh sliced cabbage and marinaded cabbage. If you don't have marinaded cabbage take fresh. The total cabbage weight is around 1 kg.

Ok. Rest the cabbage to stew about 1 hour with salt and sugar as you like.

When duck become not so hot separate meat from bones and slice it to thin pieces. Take care when you slice it, you have to every piece be from meat, fat and skin.

Serve pre-heated duck with cabbage and sauce from pan.

Especially for people that love duck prepared this way. You may make nice sauce for your duck by take your home black currant jam, mix it with small amount of sauce left over duck, Worcester's sauce and starch. You have to have resulting consistence like liquid jelly.

Maybe it sound hard for make this dish but really it is not so hard. If you will courage for this dish, you and your family sure enjoy this delicious duck and will ask you make it again.

I'm personally make this dish for our family holidays.

Don't hesitate tell me how you are with this dish, OK?

Crab cocktail

Well... I tell you enough unusual specialty, with great taste, great looking and from unusual components. I'm call it crab cocktail because love crab the most.

Stage 1.
Take one middle size onion, slice to semicircle, rinse under cold water and pour with 1/2 lemon juice.

Stage 2.
Take 2 eggs, 2 table spoons of flour, a little bit salt and sugar, basil, oregano, dried green onions. Mix it carefully, you have to make dough. Bake from your dough 2-3 flat cakes. Slice all it to thin strips.

Stage 3.
Take the crab meat 250 gram, 2 pickled marinaded cucumbers, a little canned pineapple slice to thin straw. Add onion and sliced cakes. Mix it.

Stage 4 - final step
Take large color glasses and put your mix into, dress with small amount of of mayonnaise.

Don't be scary this long description because you can do it very quickly and all stages is easy and simple.

The result is really delicious ad looking great. Last time I use it for my party and it was cool!

Stuffed paprika

Frankly, this is one the most beloved dishes I know... I like it so much!

Here is way how I do it.

Take paprika as much as you need, cut off the stem, get out the seeds but do it carefully, paprika have to be remained untouched and without extra holes.

The meat stuffing I use for filling prepared from half pound of minced meat, say 100 gram of rice already boiled up to half-ready), chop fine 2-3 onions, and mix all with salt and black pepper as you like.

Put your paprika in baked trail and bake it approximate one hour with average heat. After some half hour pour with milk cream or yogurt.

The same way you can use for cook paprika in tomato sauce.

Just pour not yogurt but tomato sauce that I usually prepare such way:
1 rubbed carrot mix with 3 table spoons of tomato paste and with 3 table spoons of ketchup. Add water until it become fluid like yogurt milk.

Really I enjoy both ways, and hard to say what way I like the most. And the most stuff you have to care is fully ready rice.

Nice curd fritters

Great breakfast for whole family, for child and for parents.

Take a cottage cheese, the usual pack from supermarket sold in 250 gram pack. You need to have 1 egg and put it to cottage cheese with 5 table spoons of flour, 80-100 gram of raisins, 1 rubbed apple, 20 gram vanilla sugar and 3 table spoons of sugar.

The resulting melange need to mix carefully. Next, take a table spoon and use it for extract a small volume your melange and make from it a ball. Every ball roll in the flour.

Take your beloved pan and fry the flatten balls use low heat and small amount of butter.

As balls become fry close your pan with pan's lid, turn off heat and rest it for 10 minutes. Your curd fritters have to bake thoroughly.

Curd fritters is nice and taste great when hot as well when cold. Especial for one who likes sweets pour your curd fritters on honey.


Chicken barbecue

Chicken cut into two parts, marinade in a mix made from wine, salt and spices.
Leave chicken for 2-3 hours, that's enough.
Every half of chicken cook in the microwave use maximum power for about 5 minutes. Your chicken ecame half-cooked.

Great. After bake our chicken use your favorite grid on hot coals.
Don't forget pour the chicken remaining marinade periodically.

The chicken grilled such way stay juicy because half-cook in microwave.

At the end of process you will have delicious, juicy and aromatic chicken.