Crab cocktail

Well... I tell you enough unusual specialty, with great taste, great looking and from unusual components. I'm call it crab cocktail because love crab the most.

Stage 1.
Take one middle size onion, slice to semicircle, rinse under cold water and pour with 1/2 lemon juice.

Stage 2.
Take 2 eggs, 2 table spoons of flour, a little bit salt and sugar, basil, oregano, dried green onions. Mix it carefully, you have to make dough. Bake from your dough 2-3 flat cakes. Slice all it to thin strips.

Stage 3.
Take the crab meat 250 gram, 2 pickled marinaded cucumbers, a little canned pineapple slice to thin straw. Add onion and sliced cakes. Mix it.

Stage 4 - final step
Take large color glasses and put your mix into, dress with small amount of of mayonnaise.

Don't be scary this long description because you can do it very quickly and all stages is easy and simple.

The result is really delicious ad looking great. Last time I use it for my party and it was cool!


Kevin said...

Nicely presented crab cocktail. It sounds tasty as well.

Cooking nurse said...

Thank you!
Just want to add, you may replace pinapple with grapes that will be taste too!