Nice curd fritters

Great breakfast for whole family, for child and for parents.

Take a cottage cheese, the usual pack from supermarket sold in 250 gram pack. You need to have 1 egg and put it to cottage cheese with 5 table spoons of flour, 80-100 gram of raisins, 1 rubbed apple, 20 gram vanilla sugar and 3 table spoons of sugar.

The resulting melange need to mix carefully. Next, take a table spoon and use it for extract a small volume your melange and make from it a ball. Every ball roll in the flour.

Take your beloved pan and fry the flatten balls use low heat and small amount of butter.

As balls become fry close your pan with pan's lid, turn off heat and rest it for 10 minutes. Your curd fritters have to bake thoroughly.

Curd fritters is nice and taste great when hot as well when cold. Especial for one who likes sweets pour your curd fritters on honey.



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