Duck in honey and soya sauce

Return to chickens, ducks and turkeys. I want to share with you beloved duck and cabbage dish.

Duck put in a stew pan and fill out with sauce from red wine, 200 ml, soy sauce 80 ml, honey 100 ml, water 150 ml.

Rest it begin to boil and simmer about 1.5 hours with low heat. You have to flip few times your duck up to beauty cream-colored condition.

At next step remove the duck and put into rested sauce the cabbage. I usually prepare the cabbage such way: make 50/50 mix from fresh sliced cabbage and marinaded cabbage. If you don't have marinaded cabbage take fresh. The total cabbage weight is around 1 kg.

Ok. Rest the cabbage to stew about 1 hour with salt and sugar as you like.

When duck become not so hot separate meat from bones and slice it to thin pieces. Take care when you slice it, you have to every piece be from meat, fat and skin.

Serve pre-heated duck with cabbage and sauce from pan.

Especially for people that love duck prepared this way. You may make nice sauce for your duck by take your home black currant jam, mix it with small amount of sauce left over duck, Worcester's sauce and starch. You have to have resulting consistence like liquid jelly.

Maybe it sound hard for make this dish but really it is not so hard. If you will courage for this dish, you and your family sure enjoy this delicious duck and will ask you make it again.

I'm personally make this dish for our family holidays.

Don't hesitate tell me how you are with this dish, OK?


Medhaa said...

Never had Duck, but the sauce sounds great.

Thank you for adding me to your blogroll, I have added you too.