Delicious salmon with potatoes

Today tell you how create great meal with salmon and potatoes, very tasty and nourishing.

As you see, potatoes, fish, onion and cheese have different time for become ready. The longest time for potatoes, she shortest time for cheese. If you put all together, it will be not great because when potatoes will be ready, the salmon will be dry, onion and cheese will be scorched.

So, the main idea is put to oven firstly potatoes, at next step salmon, and around finish onion and cheese with mayonnaise.

Well, are you ready?

Before all you have to prepare potatoes. Get it cleaned and slice it to circles. Put to baking try lubricated with oil. Use salt, pepper as you like. Place to hot oven.

During your potatoes stew, you have to clean the fish. I'm usually buy frozen bird cut salmon as large I can, around 1200 gram weight. Get cut the fish to thick horseshoe pieces about 5 cm. Don't forgot use salt and pepper for every piece of salmon.

All fish preparing time for me is around 20 minutes. Very well. Get the tray with potatoes out from oven, shuffle it, and put pieces of salmon above potatoes. Put tray again to oven.

The next step is preparing onion. Clean onion and cut to semicircles. Get tray, put onion on each piece of salmon, put tray back to oven.

The next step is preparing dressing. Mix mayonnaise with melting soft cheese (you found it in any supermarket by 6 triangle pieces at round boxes usually). For 1200 gram fish I usually take a 200 gram of soft cheese that is one and half round cheese boxes. Use the mass of mayonnaise and cheese to fish pieces. Put tray back to oven.

Now please wait until mayonnaise will be redden.

Total time for potatoes is 40 minutes, for salmon 20 minutes (in case you have salmon filet enough 15 minutes).

The result of all your efforts is very tasty, tender, juicy dish that sure will be favorite specialty of your home.

Another way is stew the salmon alone, without potatoes. But stewed potatoes under salmon juice is very yummy.

At end add your favorite spices and lemon.

Boiled shrimps

The shrimps is so tasty of itself that no need any extra ingredients.

Just try it! Take a pan with water at boiling point, put to water 1 spoon of salt, few pea of black pepper, 1 bay leaf.

Put the shrimps to water and boil it 3-5 minutes.
Please no more else your shrimps became rubber and lost great aroma that we want save for ourselves.

The dish with shrimps looking great with slices lemon.

Tell me your experience with shrimps, ok?

Another cake designs

No comment :)

Hot snack from shrimps

We have to cut onion to fine pieces and and fry it.
Today I take half-pound onion for
half-pound cleared shrimps.
The parts amount based on your habits only.

When onion is ready we mix it with our boiled shrimps.
Today I buy at my local supermarket already cleared frozen shrimps and save myself from clearing :)

At next step we mix 1/4 pound of soft cheese dissolved at cream.
I add a bit sour cream too. Add also salt, black pepper, white pepper, a bit white wine. Put it to cocottes and strew with grated cheese.

Well, now it fully prepared, and our hot box ready to accept it :)
Waiting approx. 15 minutes, the cheese have to turn brown.

The result lookin' just great. I really enjoy this!

A little more hint for you. This recipe can be used for create great shrimps sauce for rice or spaghetti. Fried onion with shrimps and wine a bit to stew at frying pan, after add cheese mix prepared as I describe.

The great delicious sauce will be ready for 5 minutes that able you to say: come here,our dinner is ready!

Baked chicken on jart

This is very delicious, original and at same time easy receipt of baked chicken.

Your family sure will be glad!

Well... take a chicken and rub it salt and your beloved spices,
but I recommend you add a bit sugar too.

Take a glass jar, add red wine and water, all up to half volume,
and place to our jar one bay leaf.
Such way prepared jar place on baking tray because else the juice from our
chicken will trickle down to baked box to soil it hard.

At next step, we have to put our chicken on jar,

put all it to hot box. Approximately after one hour chicken is ready for eating.

Bon appetit!

As you see, such way prepared chicken very good for all that have no
time for some cooking subtleties.
But this is simple way to break over you family or guests.

Cake: another images

Here is few images from my archive, as add-on for my previous post.

This is shrimp cake:

This is example a small meat cake based on few kind of sliced ham:

And this is large fish cake decorated smoked salmon:

Holland-like cake


I want to share with you so called "butterbroad" cake, Maybe this name is not correct reflect this construction, but I like it :)

So, here is.

The biscuit role here play usual bread. You can use any kind of bread, I mean it may be simple white bread, dark bread, corn bread etc. Just what you have now.
The bread's form can by any, too. It's all depend on your fantasy. Clear, these words related to filling of our "cake", and it may be based on meat, fish or cheese.

Now I tell you how to make it. We have to place pieces of bread on enough large flat dish, to smear it our filling, above we place next level of bread that we to smear the same way.
Continue this way, we can interchange the bread and filling, make the composition as large and high as wish.

Next important step is placement film wrapped cake to refrigerator. Don't forgot snuggle it from above, we need good close adjoin between all bread's levels.
After two hours get out our cake from refrigerator, coat it soft cheese and decorate it.

Yesterday I use for my cake two kind of toast's bread, white and dark, buy from my local supermarket, and already sliced.

The filling was:
first layer: pate
second layer: boiled eggs, green onion, picked cucumbers, all small cutted, and mayonnaise
layer #3: soft cheese and slices of ham
layer #4 (last): to coat my cake mix of soft cheese with mayonnaise, decorate it by olives and dill.

Result: tender and soft cake with many tastes. My family eat it fully.

Hope you will love it. Fell free tell me what you think about it, ok? :)