Holland-like cake


I want to share with you so called "butterbroad" cake, Maybe this name is not correct reflect this construction, but I like it :)

So, here is.

The biscuit role here play usual bread. You can use any kind of bread, I mean it may be simple white bread, dark bread, corn bread etc. Just what you have now.
The bread's form can by any, too. It's all depend on your fantasy. Clear, these words related to filling of our "cake", and it may be based on meat, fish or cheese.

Now I tell you how to make it. We have to place pieces of bread on enough large flat dish, to smear it our filling, above we place next level of bread that we to smear the same way.
Continue this way, we can interchange the bread and filling, make the composition as large and high as wish.

Next important step is placement film wrapped cake to refrigerator. Don't forgot snuggle it from above, we need good close adjoin between all bread's levels.
After two hours get out our cake from refrigerator, coat it soft cheese and decorate it.

Yesterday I use for my cake two kind of toast's bread, white and dark, buy from my local supermarket, and already sliced.

The filling was:
first layer: pate
second layer: boiled eggs, green onion, picked cucumbers, all small cutted, and mayonnaise
layer #3: soft cheese and slices of ham
layer #4 (last): to coat my cake mix of soft cheese with mayonnaise, decorate it by olives and dill.

Result: tender and soft cake with many tastes. My family eat it fully.

Hope you will love it. Fell free tell me what you think about it, ok? :)