Hot snack from shrimps

We have to cut onion to fine pieces and and fry it.
Today I take half-pound onion for
half-pound cleared shrimps.
The parts amount based on your habits only.

When onion is ready we mix it with our boiled shrimps.
Today I buy at my local supermarket already cleared frozen shrimps and save myself from clearing :)

At next step we mix 1/4 pound of soft cheese dissolved at cream.
I add a bit sour cream too. Add also salt, black pepper, white pepper, a bit white wine. Put it to cocottes and strew with grated cheese.

Well, now it fully prepared, and our hot box ready to accept it :)
Waiting approx. 15 minutes, the cheese have to turn brown.

The result lookin' just great. I really enjoy this!

A little more hint for you. This recipe can be used for create great shrimps sauce for rice or spaghetti. Fried onion with shrimps and wine a bit to stew at frying pan, after add cheese mix prepared as I describe.

The great delicious sauce will be ready for 5 minutes that able you to say: come here,our dinner is ready!