Cake: another images

Here is few images from my archive, as add-on for my previous post.

This is shrimp cake:

This is example a small meat cake based on few kind of sliced ham:

And this is large fish cake decorated smoked salmon:


Anonymous said...

The fish cake looks unique! What type of fish is used and how do you bake it?

Elana said...

hi there, these look so interesting! What type of cuisine is this? When would you sever these?

Cooking nurse said...

Thank you both for stopping here!
This is from Holland cuisine, they like stuff like it and for holidays make large cakes from many layers.

They also have a special set used for such cakes.

I make for my family only such not large cakes, for us it's enough :)

About used fish. I usually take a salmon.

How I do it? Read it here: