Delicious salmon with potatoes

Today tell you how create great meal with salmon and potatoes, very tasty and nourishing.

As you see, potatoes, fish, onion and cheese have different time for become ready. The longest time for potatoes, she shortest time for cheese. If you put all together, it will be not great because when potatoes will be ready, the salmon will be dry, onion and cheese will be scorched.

So, the main idea is put to oven firstly potatoes, at next step salmon, and around finish onion and cheese with mayonnaise.

Well, are you ready?

Before all you have to prepare potatoes. Get it cleaned and slice it to circles. Put to baking try lubricated with oil. Use salt, pepper as you like. Place to hot oven.

During your potatoes stew, you have to clean the fish. I'm usually buy frozen bird cut salmon as large I can, around 1200 gram weight. Get cut the fish to thick horseshoe pieces about 5 cm. Don't forgot use salt and pepper for every piece of salmon.

All fish preparing time for me is around 20 minutes. Very well. Get the tray with potatoes out from oven, shuffle it, and put pieces of salmon above potatoes. Put tray again to oven.

The next step is preparing onion. Clean onion and cut to semicircles. Get tray, put onion on each piece of salmon, put tray back to oven.

The next step is preparing dressing. Mix mayonnaise with melting soft cheese (you found it in any supermarket by 6 triangle pieces at round boxes usually). For 1200 gram fish I usually take a 200 gram of soft cheese that is one and half round cheese boxes. Use the mass of mayonnaise and cheese to fish pieces. Put tray back to oven.

Now please wait until mayonnaise will be redden.

Total time for potatoes is 40 minutes, for salmon 20 minutes (in case you have salmon filet enough 15 minutes).

The result of all your efforts is very tasty, tender, juicy dish that sure will be favorite specialty of your home.

Another way is stew the salmon alone, without potatoes. But stewed potatoes under salmon juice is very yummy.

At end add your favorite spices and lemon.