The cream in small pots.

Just want to share with you this recipe of nice soft cream that love all child who taste it.

For 4 dose (I use 125 ml pots) you need to take

410 ml of milk
3 yolks of egg
1 egg
1 vanilla pod
60 gram of sugar
20 gram of vanilla sugar

Before all you have to heat your oven up to 140 C degrees.

Take a milk, add vanilla sugar and boil it.
Mix egg yolks with sugar and eggs, you have to have the mass a beige color.
Continuing to beat it, pour into it the hot milk use some small strainer.
Take care, you will have a lot of foam; mix it use spoon until foam get down mainly.
Okay, now put this mix to your pots that you have to place to
some deep baking tray full of hot water.
Water should reach the mid-line of pots.
Put the tray to hot oven for 30-40 minutes. After rest it for cool and
put over night to the refrigerator.

The result is very tasty and tender cream. It's just yummy!