Chicken with bacon rolls and peaches.

I had my birthday recently. And for this holiday I has invented
a new dish, really very tasty.
You take a chicken breast and cut it into thin long slices. Add salt and pepper.
Each piece of the breast put on a thin piece of bacon and put on top a piece of canned peach. Next, make a roll from it.
Thus prepared rolls puts in the form and fill with white wine.
Bake in hot 200 grade oven for 25-30 minutes.
By the way, such rolls can be cooked at the previous day and just before guests arrive put them in the oven. A very delicious, juicy and not usual. All my guests were so delighted of it!


Fine Life Folk said...

That looks so interesting and yummy. Just wondering... just how fattening is that?

maeghan said...

These look delicious!!