Salmon in cream sauce.

When you make a salmon last time? Maybe now is time to make a some salmon dish?
What's about this one?

Here all the ingredients are for one portion. For children just take half of it.

One middle size onion need to cut in small cubes and fry in butter.
Next, take about 200 gram of salon fillet, cut to not large pieces and
fry a bit along with onion. After add 2 tablespoons of white wine.
Now make a very little fire. Add 50 gram of soft cheese and 50 ml of cream.
Clear, as always add salt, black pepper and white pepper as you like.
As soon the sauce begins to thicken you're done.

Serve your salmon with rice, and you will wonder how quick it will be eaten.


kirbitz said...

Hi there!

Glad to find your blog. ;) Its not everyday that you find a cooking nurse. You know what, youre just the type of nurse i want to work with on the same hospital, same department. And i guess you know

Looks delicious! Really does. I hope you could post more of this in the future.

Care for an exchange links?

I have a blog about Nursing MAlpractice and Negligence.

I have gone ahead and added you as "The cooking nurse" in my recommended nursing blogs list.

Hoping for your reciprocation,
-Nurse Jake
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NOE said...

It's loooks so good!
i'd ike to try it!

Nursing education said...

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