Sweet shortcake.

Now I tell you my favorite receipt for shortcakes.

So, you need to take a 3 eggs and each separate with white and yolks.
Ok, add to yolks 3/4 of table spoon of sugar and beat up it a bit.
Take a 150 gram of butter or margarine, melt it, add to yolks.
Add 2-3 table spoons of sour.

Very well. Carefully add to our yolks mix a flour with permanently
stirring until it become elastic dough. I'm use approx. 400 gram of flour.

Next step - put this mass to baking tray evenly use your hands.
Baking tray have to be smear with oil before.
Don't forget nuzzle with fork, for preventing swelling.

Ok. Put on dough thin sliced apples and put tray to the heated oven for 15 minutes.

You can use any fruits instead of apples, just better if it will be slightly sour.
I think with cherry it would be great the most!

Return to whites. Beat it up together with sugar (half table spoon)
and vanilla sugar. Take the tray from oven, smear, and put the tray back.

Just after whites become swell and bake, get the tray out from oven.
Rest it cooling as is, after cut into pieces and call the family for eat :)

It taste great, just take care about dough that have not be
very dry because will be harsh.

Great if you able put it to refrigerator for coupe hours,
shortcake become just delicious :)