Fried chicken under pressure

This recipe is some unusual but results exceed all expectations. Before you decide to try it you have to be prepared :) I means, it will be good portion if chicken, before all! :)

But this is not all. You must find something heavy that will be your press. I'm use 5 liter (yes, five!) glass bottle from wine I bought once. You might see one in supermarket or wine shop, usually with italian wine.

Your chicken must be small, no more 1 kg weight.

Now I tell you how I do it.

Take your chicken, draw it if need, to slit along the breast and unfold it.

Also need to flatten a bit your chicken use mallet.

Now you may spice the chicken rub it with salt and black pepper, a bit chilli and coriander. Don't forget rub both sides!

Just before you begin rub your chicken begin heat the pan you will use for. Add a bit oil, chicken will need it :)

Now become critical point. Your chicken have to be under press, so take a flat wooden desk or some dish or plate, and place the weight you prepare for it above. It maybe even stone, really, why not? The weight press the chicken close to pan, this is important.

Fry it on moderate heat, both sides, it take me about 15 minutes for one side, so total it will be half hour.

In the end sprinkle your chicken finely chopped garlic.

The result. Oh... just great! The chicken was very delicious, juicy, and nobody will be indifferent to smell! It also looking nice and even festive.

Must say the process also was for me cool and fun :)