Bavarian liver

This dish I taste in small rustic restaurant in the Czech Republic.
Yes, Czech republic, not Germany :) Czech republic located at the center of old Europe and border with Germany, Austria and few other countries. Seem roots of some dishes from Czech and Germany (and Austria) are the same.

The dish really enough simple but I like the idea "liver on toast". And the taste, clear. So this dish is one from favorites for all my family.

The amount of products here for one portion. Now how with it.

Take a slice of bread (that restaurant serve it with dark bread), fry on all sides use butter.

Take chicken liver approximately 150-200 gram, use salt and black pepper as you like, add a little bit caraway and a little sugar.

Now roll the liver in potato starch and quickly fry it use pan with a little bit oil and maximum heat.

As soon as the liver become ready (it will be very quickly, be carefully!) add fried onion (one middle size onion enough), 50 ml red wine, close the pan and turn out heat to minimum.

After 5 minutes put the liver to toast. Serve with beer - remember,
this is Bavarian liver :)

Please keep in minds, it's very important, the liver you will fry become
ready very quickly. If you fry it more it will be hard and not taste at all.

For me the time for frying of liver is 5 minutes, frying liver with onion
- another 5 minutes. The toasts fry quickly, and how long need to fry onion I hope you know :)