Crab balls

250 gram crab meat or crab sticks
2 boiled eggs
200 gram soft cheese
2 garlic cloves

I want to share with you this recipe that enjoy all my family (and I clear too!). This dish look great, and maybe on any table, holidays or party.

Important notice. You have to rest about 50 gram of crab meat,
it will be used after all.

So, grate all components and mix it in homogeneous mass.
Your remained 50 gram crab meat have to be grate but not mix with other.
Make a small balls and roll in your remained crab meat.
That's all!

I think this is very tasty and nourishing snack although
I make usually about 10 balls.
For us that enough!

Also, sometimes I do not make a balls at all and use resulted mass
for smear of chips or bread.